About Us


Who We Are

Virginia Truffles, LLC is owned and operated by John and Pat Martin, and Olivia Taylor.
We started the business in 2007 and it has grown and changed a lot since then. Olivia joined us full time in 2018. Our first truffle was found in 2018 and production is continuing to increase each season. What an adventure!
We were not farmers by education or experience however, Olivia is an experienced farmer, horticulturalist, animal handler and has brought along the extra skills necessary to take us to the  next level 



We continue to expand our knowledge and skill about growing T. melanosporum in the US from the inoculated oak seedling to harvest of the truffle through academic as well as experiential means.  

We have achieved a grounding in Trufficulture through coursework from La Station trufficole de Cahors-Le Montat in France as well as from the Forest Sciences Centre of Cataloinia (Solsana, Spain), and the University of Lleida-Agrotecnio Center (Lleida, Spain), and Manjimup, Australia.  

We have also been fortunate to form relationships with growers and researchers in Spain, France, Canada, the US and Western Australia from whom we've learned much.

We manage our own truffiere. Harvest and market experience has been gained 'hands-on' in France with experienced growers.


Endless Possibilities

Explore the mysteries of this much desired 'fruit' and see what you can do with your land!