Virginia Truffles, LLC    

Young truffle inoculated oak seedlings available through Virginia Truffles We have English and Holly (Holm) oak seedlings.

While we wait for the first Virginia truffles to mature Virginia Truffles is happy to provide fresh Perigord truffle direct from growers in France, in season, Mid-December thru end February. Contact us if your are interested. When we have them, supplies do not last.

Virginia Truffles was created with the goal of bringing the truffle markets of Europe to the doorstep of the American connoisseur. At Le Clos de la Rabasse, we have planted truffle inoculated oak trees. Fresh Virginia-grown truffles are not yet available. Stay tuned for our announcement that truffles are available, fresh and Virginia grown! Not only will they be fresh and local but since they are grown and tested in the United States there are no import fees or added costs.  

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